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Kiwi CNC Ltd

Kiwi CNC Ltd RB20E Bottle Opener

Kiwi CNC Ltd RB20E Bottle Opener

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From the smoldering remains of the legendary Nissan RB20e single-cam tyre destroying monster, freshly overheated during a limiter-bashing howling inferno of Cody's 7% fueled one-wheeler-peeler RFuknB nirvana:

This once mighty intake valve, the only battle hardened and stony faced prison guard to a chamber full of pinging 91 octane debauchery, has been strapped down onto the CNC, against all odds, and branded forever, tamed from the wild streets and given a new destiny: Not to open the door at a constant 3250 times a minute to the firey pits of hell, but to open the cap to a cold fizzy bottle of your favorite beer.

Harness the raw unadulterated power of Nissan's ultimate engine today!

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